Turf rolling smooths out winters blemishes

Turf rolling of residential and commercial lawns is generally recommended for specific situations.

Turf Rolling | Precision Lawn Care

Leveling Uneven Terrain: Turf rolling can smooth out minor bumps or unevenness in the lawn. However, this should be approached with caution to avoid soil compaction and damage to the grass. Rolling is typically followed by our core aeration process.

Sod Installation: When laying fresh sod to establish a new lawn, rolling can help ensure favourable contact between the sod and underlying soil, aiding in root establishment and reducing air pockets.

If you believe turf rolling is needed for your lawn, consult with Precision Lawn Care today to assess the condition of your turf and determine the most appropriate course of action. In many cases, alternative practices such as aeration, overseeding, topdressing, and proper mowing techniques can achieve desired results.